Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning





Do you need a reliable Carpet Cleaning Service?

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning is here to help you Today. We will provide a Professional Cleaning Service for your Office or Business. We are experienced and trained to make your carpets look new again, providing a friendly service and ensure 100% satisfaction.

We do not only focus on our Cleaning skills, but pay special attention to our customer service. We treat all our customers with the same respect and service that we would like for our own family. We work hard not only to get your carpets looking like new, but also to be your exclusive carpet cleaning company, and have you as a client for life.

As your Professional , we ensure to provide you the deepest and most thorough cleaning service.

DCS Cleaning

Usually, with time, traffic and use, your tile and grout don’t look as good as it did at the beginning. And this changes the way your office looks. Most of the time, little by little it gets more difficult to clean, especially in those areas with the most use and traffic like the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways and hallways.

Let Deep Cleaning do the hard work for you and bring back your tile floors to its beauty and shine again. Deep Cleaning now offers Professional Tile and as part of our specialized cleaning services, like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and pressure washing.

DCS Cleaning

We use the most complete and up to date system and cleaning products to clean your tile floors, being safe for you, your family and pets.

Our professional team will show you the areas that require some attention, do a pre-inspection, and demonstrate how our system will change the way they look with the best cleaning method.

Apply a special cleaning solution for the tile and grout, which will loosen all embedded dirt and soils on the surface.

Is your furniture dirty and in need of professional upholstery cleaning?

No matter what is your situation, there is no way to avoid pollen, dust, food crumbs, stains, germs and blemishes on your furniture. Just because you have upholstered furniture, does not mean it can’t look and smell clean.

You can rely on Deep Cleaning for the best upholstery cleaning service in your home, business, auto, motor home, and boats. Our process includes pre-spraying any stains or spots, and we also spray a lemon disinfectant on the fabric surface.

Our cleaning solutions carry color brighteners and fast-drying agents that are safe on fabrics. We also use tools specifically designed to clean the folds and crevices of your furniture to make sure the entire piece is clean.

Steam cleaned furniture that Is not only clean but smells great too!

Deep cleaning also recommends re-applying fabric guard after each deep cleaning. Re-applying the fabric guard helps to preserve the color and beauty of your upholstery fabric. It also gives you extra time to clean spills and makes vacuuming easier.

So give us a call to keep your furniture looking clean, vibrant and staying cleaner longer!

Why Choose deep cleaning for You Upholstery Cleaning Needs?

As a family-owned business with over 15 years of steam cleaning experience, we want to make sure we deliver great customer service with amazing results and give you a fair price. We provide a written quote and on-site evaluation of your furniture to make sure your needs and expectations.

"Professional Tile Cleaning Service by Deep Cleaning."