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Unique recipes, outstanding flavor and an excellent service are all important for a restaurant to be successful. But the one aspect that will make customers return or not is hygiene.

Hygiene in a restaurant is actually the most important issue when it comes to customer experience. Most people will not return to an unhealthy-looking place, even if the food is delicious.

At DCS, we are well aware of how complicated the task of cleaning a restaurant is, because of all the details involved, especially in hot, humid climate, and we are prepared to provide you with the best service available in Florida.

DCS Cleaning

When it comes to restaurant cleaning, having everything in place is paramount. A good organization involves two major considerations: first, making sure that you have the best supplies for the job, and second, that your staff is well trained and capable of carrying out the best cleaning practices.

A basic list of supplies must include a reliable vacuum, brooms, floor buffers, scrub buckets, cleaning brushes and cloths, garbage bags, disinfectants, bleach, and mops. The training of the cleaning staff must include every new challenge and every new equipment or chemical that the industry demands.

The restaurant staff is responsible for general kitchen clean-up, including dishes, pots, and pans. The cleaning company comes in after the restaurant closes to disinfect the premises, from the main entrance to the last corner of the dining area and kitchen, including countertops, sinks, and floors. All areas where food is handled are of utmost importance.

One of the most important areas to consider in restaurants, is restrooms. These need extra care because, unlike the kitchen, they receive intense guest traffic throughout the day. These areas must be sprayed with strong disinfectant solutions which must then be allowed to sit in order to kill stubborn pathogens. Sinks and toilets are scrubbed separately, using special brushes and cleaning cloths for each, and changing them frequently during the process to avoid cross-contamination. Particularly in current times, all areas, small thought they might be, that are likely to be touched by customers or restaurant staff, like light switches, stall walls, paper and soap dispensers, must also be thoroughly disinfected. Floors must be swept, mopped, and rinsed several times.

Hygiene can make or break a restaurant. Top chefs know their reputation and that of their business depend on it. Customers see hygiene as a sign of quality and good customer service. Health department officials continuously monitor asepsis in restaurants. Therefore, an effective cleaning system is required for restaurants to achieve a high standard of cleanliness. Employees clean on a daily basis, but only a commercial cleaning company is capable of performing the required deep cleaning.

For any cleaning service to be effective, it must include strategies that ensure consistency. Once employees have a clear understanding of what needs to be cleaned, when and how, tasks get completed more effectively. When there is employee turnover, having a deep cleaning system in place, provided by an external company, greatly improves the chances of a restaurant for staying clean. A good system should include a series of checklists for morning, afternoon, and evening crews. A separate checklist to keep track of weekly cleaning chores is also useful. A follow-up activity by restaurant management will help confirm that hygiene standards are being met. When duties are divided throughout the day and week, the cleaning of restaurants becomes much more manageable

An effective cleaning strategy necessarily includes deep cleaning. DCS cleans and disinfects floors, restrooms, kitchens, and other key areas. We can also clean chandeliers and remove cobwebs in hard-to-reach areas. We are professional cleaning specialists, and we are ready to provide the best service available anywhere in Florida. Regular deep cleaning sets high standards that the daily cleanings should only contribute to maintain.

Aside from the quality and flavor of the food they serve, hygiene has an undeniable effect on the success of a restaurant. Designing a robust routine is paramount to ensure that high cleaning standards are consistently met. An effective system of cleanliness combines daily cleaning routines overseen by management and regular deep cleanings performed by commercial cleaning experts. Usually, there are clear signs that a restaurant cleaning system is in place and running smoothly. When this is the case, customers tend to return and usually express consistent praise, which elevates employee morale and, thus, improves the possibility of success.

Cleaning of Ducts

The advantages of cleaning ducts and vents are similar to those of extraction systems cleaning and both should be carried out regularly in order to gain maximum benefit. At DCS, we use industrial vacuum cleaners, pressurized air cleaners and specialized tools to get the best results.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

This is a service that any industrial or commercial kitchen will always benefit from. Deep cleaning is especially popular among new managers or owners taking over premises that weren’t keep in the best of hygiene conditions.

Cleaning of Extraction Systems

Keeping vents and extraction systems clean will not only ensure that that they run efficiently and reduce energy bills, but also it will help manage the temperature in a more effective manner and reduce noise, thus lowering the levels of stress in a busy workplace.

Canopy Filter Cleaning

Remove grease, carbon build-up and grime from stove canopy filters. Save money on energy and extend the lifespan of expensive equipment. The filters will work more efficiently and your kitchen will be a more comfortable working environment if you clean your filters on a regular basis.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Free up your staff so they can focus on food production, knowing that you’ve given them the best possible working environment.

Appliance Cleaning

This service covers your ovens, grills, fridges, freezers, or any other large kitchen appliances. We use dip tanks for rapid, no-scrub cleaning, and non-toxic cleaners with no unpleasant lingering odors to affect the flavor of food

Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling with DCS Cleaning of Premises for Florida Kitchens

Make sure that the cleanliness of the premises of your commercial or industrial kitchen matches that of your appliances. It is easy to focus on your ovens, grills and, of course, your extraction and ventilation systems, but it is equally important that your ceilings, walls, and floors meet the high standards you have set for your appliances.

We are prepared to help with this task. Give us a call and we’ll send a team of professional cleaners to your commercial kitchen, whether it is a restaurant, hospital, workers canteen or school. Our professionals use all the equipment needed to tackle the most inaccessible areas and the most stubborn of dirt. They also use specialized non-toxic detergents, especially formulated to act quickly and lift grease without damaging the underlying surfaces. We provide high quality cleaning at low rates as well as services that are available exactly when you need them, including late evenings or early mornings..

Use Deep Cleaning Services for your regular and specialized cleaning work

Most likely, your kitchen assistants do the day-in, day-out cleaning needed to keep your kitchen in basic good shape. However, our commercial kitchen cleaning service will take things one step further, as our staff can get unparalleled results in those regularly used areas by means of specialized equipment and professional-quality cleaners. Make sure that your premises are pristine. Book our deep cleaning service for kitchens to restore appliances and other kitchen equipment. Sign up for several jobs in advance and you may qualify for a discount in one or other of the services we offer.

All of our professionals are assessed before starting work and receive specialized training in the use of the tools and cleaning solutions we provide them with.

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