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33 liter WaveBrake® Rubbermaid Bucket with Drainer Yellow

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Weight: 8.8 KG

Volume Capacity: 33 Liters

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: United States


Plastic material

Process: Structural Network Molding

The WAVEBRAKE rubbermaid 33 Liter Bucket with Drainer. Don’t pass up the opportunity to bring 3 WAVEBRAKE® 33-liter drain buckets for the price of 2. Avoid splashing, it lasts 58 times longer than its competition.

Rubbermaid Commercial Brand

This WAVEBRAKE® Rubbermaid drainer pail lasts 58 times longer than comparable drainer.
Tested to exceed 50,000 spin cycles, average juicers perform approximately 860 cycles
Silent wheels and do not rust
High efficiency juicer
It is manufactured from premium quality tabular steel and structural mesh molded plastic.
It is recommended to fill only 2/3 of water to prevent the water from overflowing when the mop is placed inside the bucket.
Also know our recycling Canecas

Additional information

Weight 8.8 kg
Dimensions 51.1 × 239.9 × 92.7 cm


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