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Floor Care

The Deep Cleaning Services system is your one-stop-shop for professional hard floor care. Our experienced floor care consultants will look at your floors, discuss floor care options with you, and prepare a price quote for one-time floor care service or an annual floor care program based on your work environment, soil load and the impression you need to make on your customers, visitors, patients, and brand image.

Upholstery cleaning by way of an upholstery cleaning hot water extraction method for use on any type of commercial grade furniture and fabrics

Spot cleaning of carpets with special spot cleaning machine or removal of deep set in stains by way of bonnet cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning is the process where a pre-spray is first applied to the carpet and then extracted using bonnets on a rotating floor machine. On the bottom of the machine, the technician will place a drive block which is a plastic block with plastic spikes designed to hold the cleaning pad in place. The bonnets themselves are usually 100% cotton and are normally dry or lightly moistened. The bonnet will turn in a circular motion while the technician moves the machine from side to side, changing or rinsing the pad as it becomes soiled. Normal drying time required is 1-2 hours.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is a cleaning method that begins with dry soil removal (vacuuming) followed by preconditioning. Hot water is applied (between 110 degrees to 165 degrees) to the carpet from a holding tank or heating coil incorporated into the cleaning unit. The pressurized solution, often combined with detergent, is injected into the carpet. Suspended soil is removed by combining the flushing action of injected solutions with wet vacuuming. Normal drying time required is 12-24 hours.

Scrub and Recoat – Quickly improves hard floors by removing the top layer or two of damaged floor finish along with stains, superficial scrapes and scratches, leaving a clean surface. New finish is then applied to restore the protective top coat. Carpet Cleaning Commercial carpets, area rugs, Berber carpeting, oriental rugs, etc.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, perhaps the world’s busiest terminal, has nearly 1300 toilets. Certainly, this is not a task to be carried out with rags and buckets. This calls for a large scale approach to cleaning. In order to carry out such a mammoth task, the daily cleaning program must cover the full area in the shortest time and with the least amount of effort possible.

"Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to which theater they choose."

Keep them coming back to your theater by providing a clean, fresh and healthy experience that allows them to enjoy what they came to see – from the front of house and concession areas, to your restrooms and movie seats.