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About Cleaning Agency

Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services offers a wide range of solutions carefully customized for each activity sector. Customization, in this regard, means that we adapt our services to the exact and unique needs of our clients, and adjust them as changes in the process take place.

Deep Cleaning Services offers highly specialized, professional assistance to businesses all over the State of Florida, regardless of their size or field of work.

We have the necessary equipment to clean, protect, disinfect, and maintain industrial, hospital, commercial, and other facilities.

Connecting the world

We specialize in professional cleaning techniques, which allows us to offer you the best alternative
for the care and protection of your company´s facilities.









What we do

01. Integral Maintenance
02. Specialized Cleaning
03. Improvements are based on

Mission, Objetives and Values

To be a leading company in the business of commercial cleaning, construction, and maintenance solutions. We aspire to be your first option.

To keep our customers satisfied, to generate trust, and to ensure the highest quality of work.

We are an organization focused on service quality, with a track record in the market that operates for large restaurant chains, hotels, cinemas, offices, country clubs, clinics and more. We are specialists in floor care, pressure washing, window cleaning and post-construction.

Team Work
At Deep Cleaning Services we aim to attract, retain and develop the best human talent characterized by their sense of leadership, teamwork and a sense of belonging. Active, inclusive and people passionate for service who work in line with the strategy, values and mission of our Organization and can move towards its growth.

Deep Cleaning Services is a company that helps entrepreneurs create this type of business specializing in different services; Commercial and residential. With our work experience and infrastructure we make your journey easier, which is why we guarantee that with this one of a kind service structure we can create a great business together.